Where You Fit In The Suplly Chain is Important in Tender Process

To know where you fit in the supply chain is so important. Now, supply chains has been a relative buzzword over the course of the last five to 10 years.

the supply chainYour real key, your real fundamental success through to the whole tendering process firstly lies in your ability to understand the theory of supply chains. But more importantly, it’s really starting to understand how the theory of supply chains applies to your individual business and we’ll further explain.

What is a supply chain? Now, the textbook definition of a supply chain is that a supply chain consists of all parties involved directly or indirectly in fulfilling a customer request. Now, if you start to think about that, as part of the Queensland Government, we are one of the largest customers here within the state. So on average, throughout the year, our agencies, and our Departments will spend billions of dollars each and every year in
actually procuring and acquiring goods and services. They’ll also be spending monies that they’re required to get some of our projects off the ground. Check what wikipedia said about supply chain here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supply_chain

So effectively, we’re always looking at bringing organisations in as part of the government supply chain. Now what this means for each and every one of you is that as a supplier, this means there are many, many opportunities to be had on an annual basis. And the opportunities exist for either, through winning projects directly through tendering, or maybe even looking at opportunities outside where you might be able to may subcontract to the winning organisation that has won the tender, as well as maybe even looking at supplying the winning organisation that has actually won the tender. And we will further explain that.

Now, before we move further and talk more about supply chains, you really have to firstly understand what the key drivers are for the Government whenever we go out to tender. So when the government goes out to tender, to procure those goods and services to meet our objectives, what are the key things we’re trying to achieve – and effectively there’s three key objectives – so the first key objective, typically, for most government procurement is that we’re looking at doing business with one key supplier that could deliver to our needs. Now why the government typically only looks at doing business with one key supplier, as opposed to multiple suppliers, is that from a contract management perspective it just makes it nice and simple. So our relationship is with one company, our contractual relationship is with only that one company (NH).

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Tendering for Government Business

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. On behalf of the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning and the Department of Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games, I’d just like to take this opportunity to welcome each and every one of you to the Tendering for Government Business Top 10 Tips’ webinar. We are broadcasting live here at the State Library in South Brisbane, so where ever you’re streaming in from, a very big warm welcome to each and every one of you especially our tender partner okesteel. Now, just to introduce myself, my name is Michael Lee, I’ll be your workshop facilitator for today.

Tendering for Government Business

Now, as part of my role, I am a Principle Project Officer working for the Queensland Government based out in Brisbane. Now, I do work as part of the Industry Development team as part of State Development, and I manage a program called the Tendering for Government Business’ workshop. Now, on a given year, we deliver roughly about 100 of these workshops right across the state, taking about 3,000 businesses through this process in teaching them to effectively tender for State Government-run opportunities. Now as part of the workshop for today, some of the key things that you will be learning is really the top 10 tips to help you in drastically improving your tendering success. So what are those things that you can do to help you maximising your chance of winning future government tenders? As well as the top 10 tips, we will also be running through some of the more common pitfalls for you to avoid as well.

As part of the session for today, the webinar will run for roughly about 55 minutes in duration. So we have split up this afternoon’s session into two main areas, so 45 minutes will basically be for the actual presentation itself. We will also be providing an interactive component so there’s a 10-minute session close to the end of today’s session. We will allow you the opportunity to actually send in your questions via our email address.

how to answer tender questions

Now, because we only have a limited amount of time we will endeavour obviously to try and answer as many questions close to the end of today’s session, but certainly with those of you that have sent questions in, if we don’t get a chance to actually answer those questions today, we will actually be providing you an actual email response probably within the next week or so. If you’ve got any questions at any stage, you can actually email those through via our email address. So that email address is webinar@dsdip.Qld.Gov.Au.

Now as part of the questions there is a bit of a caveat though, so if we’ve got anybody that’s currently developing a tender for a specific project, unfortunately with those specific questions for various different projects that you might be tendering for, under my provisions I’m unable to actually answer any of those questions today. Those questions will have to be redirected through to the project manager that’s actually managing those projects. Jump to principle number one Where You Fit In The Suplly Chain?

So certainly with that in mind, any other questions will be absolutely fine. Now in terms of some of the resources as part of today’s webinar, you should have all gone through and actually downloaded a copy of today’s workbook. So the workbook will provide further supporting material that will reinforce all the key things that I will be discussing with you this afternoon. Following today we will also be providing basically just a PDF.

Copy of the slide notes I’ll be taking you through, as well as a link for the pre-recorded segment of today’s session as well. Now in terms of the suitability of today’s webinar, it’s basically suitable for any business that is currently already supplying into government
or is looking to supply into government. So whether or not you have had experience in
tendering or whether or not you’re fairly new to the whole tendering process, this webinar
certainly is for you. Now, we’ve actually developed the webinar firstly to help each
and every one of you to understand how to submit a conforming tender.

experience in tendering: how to plan a tender submission

One of the big issues that the State Government have is really the high level of non-conformance. So on average, out of all the thousands of tender submissions that are received on an annual basis, on average roughly about 60 percent of those received are what we term as non-conforming. It’s non-conforming sometimes for a company making a very, very simply mistake. So it might be maybe a company failing to answer one of the questions on our tender.

It may be a company not meeting one of the government’s minimum requirements or a company not actually completing or submitting a piece of documentation that we’ve mandated that makes it non-conforming. Now, if you start to think about that statistic, obviously it’s no good for businesses such as yourselves.

Sometimes you’re spending countless hours, all the hard work and effort, to develop our tenders, just to find that we submit it and it’s knocked out in the first stage of the government’s evaluation. Alternatively, for the State Government as well, it’s no good for the State Government either because there have been cases throughout the years in which we’ve got the best offer from the best company sitting on the table but because that company’s missed out on somewhere as part of the paperwork that makes it non-conforming, our government buyers simply can’t accept it on our provisions. So really for today, I guess the main crux of the workshop today is that we’ll teach you everything you need to know to firstly be able to submit a conforming tender each and every time.

That will hopefully help you get through the first stage of our evaluation, hopefully then a seat around the round table for further consideration. Now most of the things we will be talking about today, whilst it is framed to provide you guidance on tendering for State Government run opportunities, much of the information and key learning principles that we will be discussing are directly transferable, even if you’re actually tendering out in the private sector as well as some of the major projects as well, so same principles apply right across the board for the tendering. So folks, the formalities are now out of the way (N.H).

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Top Cat Symptoms Hyperthyroidism Guide!

Comments cat symptoms hyperthyroidism

Tell your healthcare provider about any symptoms you’ve got. Hyperthyroidism symptoms can be classified into behavioral and physical symptoms. A number of the indications of hyperthyroidism mimic other diseases, like diabetes or kidney failure. Even in case you have not noticed any of the indicators of hyperthyroidism in your cat, it’s still a great concept to find out more about the disease, its causes, and, most of all, approaches to avoid it.

A great deal of the symptoms for hypothyroidism can be regarded as the opposite of. They often depend on the severity of the thyroid hormone deficiency. Physical indicators of hyperthyroidism could be gradual in the beginning, but eventually they might become obvious and problematic.

Lies You’ve Been Told About Cat Symptoms Hyperthyroidism

Clinical indications of hyperthyroidism in cats could be mild initially, but the seriousness of symptoms will increase as the disease progresses. It is probably the second most common disease that we can see in older cats. In elderly cats, it may be hyperthyroidism.

Learn who is more likely to come up with hyperthyroidism. If hyperthyroidism is suspected, your veterinarian might take some blood in order to do tests. It can increase stress levels due to the lack of moderation of emotion, leading to interstitial cystitis. It is not the only cause of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Feline hyperthyroidism, also thought of as thyrotoxicosis in cats, is among the most popular endocrine disorders in cats.

There’s no known method to reduce hyperthyroidism in cats since the reason isn’t known. It is one of the most common of all the cat diseases and one of the most commonly missed conditions. Feline hyperthyroidism is just one of the most frequent diseases seen in older cats.

Otherwise, hyperthyroidism is a condition cat owners should be mindful of. It is easily treatable and there is no reason that a cat should suffer for years before getting the proper treatment. CLINICAL PICTURE OF FELINE HYPERTHYROIDISM There are several clinical signs related to feline hyperthyroidism.

A Secret Weapon for Cat Symptoms Hyperthyroidism

Indications of hyperthyroidism may vary in severity based on the length of time a cat has been ill. Sometimes treating hyperthyroidism can be a bit more challenging. It is a condition caused by a high metabolism due to the increased production of thyroid hormones. Once feline hyperthyroidism was confirmed in your cat, you have a couple alternatives for treatment.

There are plenty of causes of hyperthyroidism. It may cause heart disease. It is a very common disease in older cats and can produce a variety of symptoms. Symptoms Hyperthyroidism is typically the end result of a benign thyroid tumor.

The precise source of hyperthyroidism has not yet been identified, even though the use of dietary iodine is still investigated as an influencing element in susceptible cats. Since it causes an increased metabolism, frequent signs of the disease include increased calorie needs, a higher amount of energy and a faster pace in your cat. It is by far the most common glandular disease among felines. Long term untreated hyperthyroidism may lead to osteoporosis.

The reason for hyperthyroidism is usually thought to be a non-cancerous tumor called an adenoma. It is caused by a benign growth in the thyroid gland that is over-producing T4. It may occur if a dog eats an excessive amount of thyroid gland tissue. It may be caused by a thyroid tumor. Subclinical hyperthyroidism modestly raises the risk of cognitive impairment and dementia. HZ

What You Need to Do About Cat Illnesses Human Beginning in the Next 8 Minutes

Comments cat illnesses passed to humans

As cats can easily be stressed, particularly by any type of change, e.g. change in staff personnel, stability ought to be a husbandry aim. If your cat was diagnosed with any of the conditions below, make sure to talk with your veterinarian to make sure any painful facet of the ailment is being treated properly. In fact, if he or she is diagnosed with any medical condition, it is always a good idea to ask your veterinarian if there is any pain component. Because a domestic cat isn’t a pure host for the heartworm parasite, lots of the worms die. It’s also crucial for all cat bites which have a high incidence of infection. Cats with advanced kidney disease are chronically dehydrated, and it is sometimes a good help in the event the caregiver has the capability to administer subcutaneous fluids to assist.

When a cat doesn’t produce insulin or cannot utilize it normally, her blood glucose levels elevate. If your cat has ever gone into a cattery when you’re on holiday then there’s no specific reason to alter the routine. Our cats are extremely important to us, they’re a huge portion of our lives. The cat isn’t a pure host for the heartworm parasite, Dirofilaria immitis, and therefore the heartworm isn’t likely to finish its whole life cycle. If your cat vomits for over a couple of hours or vomits repeatedly for over a day, she probably needs to observe a vet. Ultimately, putting your cat on a wholesome diet regime and ensuring he’s getting the perfect quantity of exercise keeps him healthy and his immune system in prime condition.

Details of Cat Illnesses Human

Get in touch with your veterinarian if you discover any symptoms of illness in your pet. Any illness can be an indication of feline leukemia. Some illnesses, though, can cause greater appetite, and therefore don’t ignore your suddenly ravenous cat. To some degree, it has also been connected to mental illness. Any considerable illness might cause cats to sleep for longer or shorter intervals.

Following are a few related to cats. Also watch to determine if your cat has difficulty grooming. Cats produce several allergens (proteins that could result in allergy). Cats are famous for hiding signals of illness, which makes it hard to treat them. So that your cat might appear perfectly healthy, but could still make you sick. Cats are very great at hiding pain, which makes it almost impossible for their human caregiver to learn how much the cat is suffering. Cats living with feline aids may demonstrate no symptoms whatsoever.

Cats are natural predators and could be attracted to bats, which might be rabid. It’s important to comprehend cats don’t usually slow down just because they’re old. For that reason, it’s important to continue to keep your cat away from different cats that are sick. As soon as your cat catches the flu, watch out for recurring symptoms. If you have a cat that can be aggressive, you may have the ability to learn how to read the cat’s body signals to predict an attack. Indoor-only cats residing in a feline-enriched environment are far more able to tolerate changes.

As cats get older they will find it harder to keep their own cleanliness and checking your cat regularly will let you detect problems which should be tackled straight away. If used however, they should be tested beforehand, and positive cats should not be vaccinated with it. As with people, they can get various kinds of cancer. It’s especially common in cats who’ve been exposed to lots of different cats, including at an animal shelter. While cats have many different microbes dwelling in their mouths, the actual trouble comes from Pasteurella multocida, a bacterium which can result in bad infections. It’s particularly important to keep in mind your cat has to be fully updated with vaccinations if they’ll be going to a boarding cattery when you’re on holiday. Plague-infected cats and dogs are going to have fever, swollen lymph nodes, and might even die suddenly without a lot of warning.

Once identified, the cat must get veterinary care when possible. It isn’t essential for the cat to have close contact with other people to spread ringworm. Your cat is going to be the very first to suffer. Some elderly cats will lessen the frequency of excursions outside as a consequence of difficulty negotiating the cat flap.

Cats are reported rabid more often than every other domesticated animal in the USA. Some cats can begin to associate the litter box by using their pain, and thus avoid using it. They may show a glimpse of the third eye when they are sleepy. They will never have a flare-up. They will benefit from nose drops if the nasal discharge is particularly severe or the nasal tissues become painful. A healthy-appearing cat can provide you CSD. There are plenty of ways cats can get infected. HZ

Ideas about wedding bridesmaid dresses

wedding bridesmaid dresses


The day of the wedding is very precious for the brides. To look something different & gorgeous is the main motto for them in the wedding day. For that they us to do every possible shopping for their perfect wedding dresses. At the period of the wedding, these brides are surrounded by numbers of their bridesmaids. The extra pleasant sight of the location of wedding ceremonies is same bridesmaids.

All the surrounding is filled with these bridesmaids. To represent themselves as an attractive and stylish one, are also the main mottos for these bridesmaids. For this they use to wear varieties of designed dresses and ornaments. These designed dresses may be traditional or semi-traditional or may be evening dresses.

The wedding bridesmaid dresses include the different varieties of chiffons, georgette, brocades, crepes, tulle, organza and satin etc, in soft fabrics. According to your budget, you can choose the varieties of imported laces and real silk or other alternatives wedding dresses.

In the wedding dresses world a new testament is introduced that is a bridesmaid can choose two separate dresses to wear as one. They can choose varieties of blouses with skirts. It provides a new look up & style to the bridesmaid, which make then separate as a unique one. This testament has broken the tradition of wearing one-piece wedding gown or dress.

The bridesmaid can choose the color of dresses or gowns according to season or occasions. For the summer & spring weather soft colors are seemed well. The winter season is for enjoying and happiness. So the fashion world has provided a large collection of colors for designer wedding dresses to the bridesmaids. Teal green, rusty red and copper quality for all, deep marine blue, gold, platinum shades, plums and deep burgundy; are the favorite colors respected by all categories of bridesmaids.

To wear these collections change your look up same as the bride.


Should you book a Car Rental or Rely on Public Transport?

So you are planning a break and you have booked your airfares and accommodation.  Well before you book your rental car you may wish to consider the following factors and maybe public transport will provide you with a cheaper and better option.

Many locations have a great local, public transport system that provides travelers with a more affordable form of transportation.  This is great but in some cases, the best local attractions are not accessible via public transport.  You may also consider booking a rental car, and although it may seem more expensive then be catching trains and buses, it does provide you with complete freedom to explore and enjoy your holiday destination.

To enable you to make a fair comparison between them both, you will need a complete understanding of exactly where you wish to travel once you arrive at your holiday destination.  If you decide you will see sights and attractions that are not covered in the public transport routes, you may then need to pay for a taxi which can become very costly, and it would have been cheaper to rent a hire car.

If booking a rental car is your best option, make sure to include any other hidden costs that may accompany driving a hire car, for example parking or toll road charges.  If these charges are overlooked, you will not have given yourself a fair comparison between the two.  It is also best you know the procedures to collect and drop off the hire car, as some car rental agents will not provide vehicles direct from the airport terminals.  This can then make it very inconvenient and frustrating.  For complete convenience make sure you book a car hire with a national company as they provide vehicles direct from the airport terminal and other city locations.

Your decision may be pure costs based and you may think that using public transport will save you money.  This is a fair assumption. However, you will be restricted by timetables and routes and this can cause frustration.  It would also then be important that you have an allotted amount set aside to pay for taxis in case you happen to miss the last service.  In some locations, taxi fares can be expensive.

For you to really have an enjoyable breakaway, plan well in advance and consider your transportation needs before you arrive.  This will then make way for you to relax and see the sights and attractions without disappointment.

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Home Decorating in the Tudor Fashion

Tudor style home outsides are somewhat simple to distinguish. Numerous individuals drive by them consistently with jaws dropped and eyes wide at the basic magnificence and class of this style of engineering. From humble houses to fabulous strongholds the Tudor style of engineering is exceptionally noteworthy surely. While designing the inside of a home in the Tudor form there is no unchangeable reality governs, however, there are a few contacts that are the signs of Tudor style and excellence.
Home Decorating in the Tudor Fashion
One thing you can do to bring a dash of the Tudor style to your home, regardless of whether your house wasn’t worked in the Tudor style is to join the utilization of pillars in the inside as enriching contacts. At the point when the first Tudor style of engineering was about this was more a plan of need than one of chance. Today the framing fills in as a basic indication of the excellence that has earned this period in history and engineering such popularity. This is just a single strategy, in any case, that can be utilized as a part of a request to set up a Tudor style upon the inside of a home.

The floors in Tudor homes were ordinarily made of either block or flagstone. Numerous individuals today settle on stone tiles keeping in mind the end goal to depict an astoundingly exact look with a cutting-edge wind. These floors were regularly secured with luxurious Oriental mats (in wealthier homes) or little fleece mats in more unassuming homes. On the off chance that endeavoring to mirror the wealthier Tudor styled homes downright Oriental style mats will do in the more unmistakable territories of the home. Remember that there are sensibly lovely impersonations at present available at costs that the normal mortgage holder can bear.

Resplendent divider woven artworks regularly graced the dividers with a specific end goal to finish the extravagance of the look in wealthier homes. This is a style that is frequently imitated in homes endeavoring to stick to their Tudor roots the world over. It is an excellent effect in any case and one that is exceptionally well worth adding to your home in the event that you are looking to fuse a Tudor style in your home finishing endeavors.

To the extent the room goes, the beds were the central purposes of these rooms. Determinedly manufactured four post beds were the positions of authority in these homes and made fit for the lord of any stronghold regardless of how humble it might be. The posts and feet on these beds were lavishly cut and very lovely. This is an exceptional diversion to incorporate into your home keeping in mind the end goal to achieve a bona fide Tudor air for the inside embellishing. In wealthier homes, rich textures canopied these monstrous beds keeping in mind the end goal to give protection and style.

With a specific end goal to make a bona fide Tudor environment in a home of today you would likewise need to consolidate a type of created press ceiling fixtures into the home and additionally divider sconces for lighting. This is the style of lighting that was regularly utilized at the time and will loan believability to the scene you are endeavoring to reproduce. This to me is a standout amongst the most shocking impacts that can be consolidated into a home enhancing plan nowadays. In the event that immortal excellence and tastefulness are the objectives, at that point, this is unquestionably a style of stylistic theme you will need to consider for your home.hs.for more information visit festivalmontmelas.com

Best Mattress For Lower Back Pain Firm

An extraordinary bed can work wonders for your back, however, what constitutes an awesome bed is continually evolving. While picking a bedding, numerous individuals think about their rest related sicknesses, and lower back torment is a standout amongst the most widely recognized burdens today. For a considerable length of time, specialists have prescribed a supportive sleeping cushion as the best one to buy keeping in mind the end goal to reduce this lower back inconvenience. In any case, a later report has demonstrated something else.
Best Mattress For Lower Back Pain Firm
The best solid sleeping cushion for bringing down back agony is really a medium-supportive bedding as opposed to a firm or harder bedding. A clinical preliminary directed in Spain reviewed 313 grown-ups who were haphazardly appointed a medium-solid bedding or a supportive sleeping pad. All reviewed had reoccurring back torments and hurts. Patients who considered the medium-solid bedding will probably report a decrease in back torment while in quaint little inn out of bed, and in addition less back agony identified with handicap than the individuals who mulled over a supportive sleeping cushion. This examination tested the conventional idea that a solid sleeping cushion implies more help and a more advantageous back.

Those directing the examination inferred that as opposed to simply bolster being the fundamental driver for back relief from discomfort, comfort assumed a part also. The investigation found that exclusive with the blend of appropriate help and solace will a bed help to mitigate a throbbing painfulness. A sleeping cushion that is too hard will put additionally weight on the back, which can mean more back torment. It is vital to take note of that numerous patients discovered help on the supportive sleeping cushions, also. Picking a sleeping cushion so as to soothe back torment ought to be drawn nearer on a case-by-case premise.

The best solid sleeping cushion to calm your back torment must have two things. In picking a sleeping pad, search for the ideal harmony amongst help and solace. For some individuals, this implies acquiring a medium-supportive sleeping cushion instead of a solid bedding. Your lower back agony may contrast from the majority; notwithstanding, and it is best to try out the two sorts of sleeping pads previously settling on the choice.[HS]
Read more consumer reports best mattress for back pain

Unpainted Furniture for Your Home

Thinking about refurnishing your child’s room with really nice pieces of unpainted furniture in it? That’s right, you can choose from a wide array of unpainted furniture in bargain stores that will fit your child’s yearning for a new bedroom design. The choice of unpainted furniture will greatly depend on how big your family is – how many children do you have and how big the available space is. You could be thinking about getting a double bed or bunk beds. Whatever it is, you can make sure that your purchase is not something that will empty your pockets and at the same time, your children will greatly appreciate and love it. The good thing about discount unpainted furniture stores is the idea of buying something that will suit the taste of the parents and children without costing too much. Plus, you can do something that your family will greatly enjoy and that’s painting!

The moment you get the unpainted furniture, you will start to ponder how to finish it. It will depend on the wood that was made to create the furniture. You also have to ask the shop on the dos and don’ts of painting it so that you know what to expect without damaging the furniture. If the wood is not properly prepared, the first thing that you might need to do is sanding the unpainted furniture. This is something that you need to do on your own without your children around to prevent them from breathing in dust particles which may cause some health problems. On the other hand, if the wood is properly prepared, you can now get your kids to be involved by letting them help you decorate the furniture. With your kids’ opinion, you can have a good idea on what they want their beds to be; either painting it with color or putting some borders around it. If you plan to paint the furniture together with your child you have to make sure that you purchase a paint that is child friendly this is to ensure that the activity will not cause any harm to your child. Because children have lots of things that needed storing like books and toy, don’t forget to purchase unfurnished furniture shelves and somehow a chair or desk that will match the design of her room.

Things to remember when painting

If you purchased unfurnished furniture made from softwood, then you can expect that the texture and appearance of the wood is not that pretty therefore you need to bring out the creativity in you to create a mighty fine piece of furniture. Dyes and stains are also made available in a wide array of colors which gives you the opportunity of finding a color that will meet your styling theme. Unfinished Wood Furniture

Cheap Rental Cars In Italy

When you hear about car rental Italy, you think about going to the Leaning Tower, the Colosseum, the Vatican City, art museums, galleries, wide piazzas, authentic pasta and pizza restaurants, all you could think of is the Italian Republic. Its major cities like Tuscany and Rome paved the way for the most important institutions of the current world. Universities, the Renaissance, modern science and astronomy, are only a few of Italy’s greatest contributions sustained for today.

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Italy is the seventh largest economy in the world. It owes its flourishing economy to tourism, which made this country one of the world’s top five tourist destinations. People have been enticed with its grandeur, a mix of meticulously preserved historical infrastructures and modern culture. Its great cities behold beacons of very sophisticated ways of life and European cultures that surely attract a lot of tourists around the world.

When traveling via car rental in Italy, there are various ways to make the most of your vacation without blowing your budget off. Just a few Internet searches and you can find cheap airfare rates, discount hotel packages and car rentals in Italy.

There are several modes of transportation when you want to traverse its key cities. Bicycles, mopeds, scooters, taxicabs, buses and trains are all cheap and very easy to rent. However, when you want to freely visit each town and city at your own pace and time, the best way to go is through car rental Italy.

The first thing you have to do is map out the locations you want to see in Italy. When you have a hard time to do this, you could always check out Italy tours websites. These will help you decide which cities match your interests. After which, search for international car rental Italy sites.

Most of the car rentals offered in Italy is available for booking online or via toll-free numbers. You get to choose your car and get a quotation. You can include when and where the car would be picked up and dropped off. You can directly have the car rental right when you arrive at a specific airport, city or even train stations. You could also have different pickup and drop off locations.

For you to be able to rent a car in Italy, you have to be at least twenty-one years old. You should have at least a year of possessing your license. It is also important that you have an International Drivers License, a strictly-enforced requirement for a car rental Italy.

Moreover, you need to be guided with some of Italy’s driving information. Italy has 4,000 miles of autostrade or super highways, and 180,000 miles of a distinct network of strade statali or national highways, strade provinciali or provincial highways, and strade communali or municipal roads. These roads are trafficked in three lanes. You are only allowed to pass through the right and center lanes. Note that you cannot park just anywhere; parking is strictly limited to the right side of the streets. The speed limits are also varied: for cities – 30mph; open roads – 66mph; and highways – 81 mph.

You also have to clarify with the rental agency about the Collision Damage Waiver and theft protection; these are compulsory for renting cars in Italy.

From one side of Italy’s peninsula to its borders, you are sure to enjoy your stay with myriad choices of car rental Italy.