Should you book a Car Rental or Rely on Public Transport?

So you are planning a break and you have booked your airfares and accommodation.  Well before you book your rental car you may wish to consider the following factors and maybe public transport will provide you with a cheaper and better option.

Many locations have a great local, public transport system that provides travelers with a more affordable form of transportation.  This is great but in some cases, the best local attractions are not accessible via public transport.  You may also consider booking a rental car, and although it may seem more expensive then be catching trains and buses, it does provide you with complete freedom to explore and enjoy your holiday destination.

To enable you to make a fair comparison between them both, you will need a complete understanding of exactly where you wish to travel once you arrive at your holiday destination.  If you decide you will see sights and attractions that are not covered in the public transport routes, you may then need to pay for a taxi which can become very costly, and it would have been cheaper to rent a hire car.

If booking a rental car is your best option, make sure to include any other hidden costs that may accompany driving a hire car, for example parking or toll road charges.  If these charges are overlooked, you will not have given yourself a fair comparison between the two.  It is also best you know the procedures to collect and drop off the hire car, as some car rental agents will not provide vehicles direct from the airport terminals.  This can then make it very inconvenient and frustrating.  For complete convenience make sure you book a car hire with a national company as they provide vehicles direct from the airport terminal and other city locations.

Your decision may be pure costs based and you may think that using public transport will save you money.  This is a fair assumption. However, you will be restricted by timetables and routes and this can cause frustration.  It would also then be important that you have an allotted amount set aside to pay for taxis in case you happen to miss the last service.  In some locations, taxi fares can be expensive.

For you to really have an enjoyable breakaway, plan well in advance and consider your transportation needs before you arrive.  This will then make way for you to relax and see the sights and attractions without disappointment.



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